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新万博manbetx17 is mainly engaged in the business of natural rubber, composite natural rubber,   synthetic rubber, latex and imported mixed alcohol. It has established stable natural rubber resources channel with main production company in China like 揌ainan State Farms? 揧unnan State Farms? also it develops the sources of Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia.  The sales network of Rubber Department has covered main rubber customers areas including Delta Region of Yantze River, Qingdao City and Hengshui City, etc.

Based on the strong support of ZJMICHEM, Rubber Department will adhere to the business principle of 揜eputation First, Customer Foremost? develop actively the business of spot trading and future trading, and supply customers various products with good quality and high efficient service. It will create values together with customers and win prosperous future.新万博manbetx17新万博manbetx17


Contact person: Ma Haiyan


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